Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Haiga for Covid-19

Black & White Haiga
spring 2020


Gillena Cox said...

Haunting disappointments in your haiku, nicely done.
Happy you dropped by my blog


Adelaide said...

Thank you, Gillena,


Magyar said...

__ Adelaide, your haiga creates as intended... the viewer's imagination. _m

Sandy said...

So much truth in your poems! Today is warm, but the weekend is supposed to be back to our new normal-- living with a constant cold wind.

I have been working outdoors the past few weeks. All my beds are set, so will only have maintenance for the rest of the summer.

Tow bright spots in my week - watching a hummingbird play the sprinkler spray, and two tiny chipmunks running around the flowerbeds all day.

I hope you are well,

Adelaide said...

Thanks Sandy and Doug. All is well here, wet and muggy these couple of days, but my plants on the deck are thriving.