Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Haiku for Spring

sleepless hours
learning the language of pines
sigh after sigh

perfumed breezes
shaking loose the moisture 
from peonies

outdoor cafe
no extra charge
for cherry blossoms

Modern haiku
Heron's Nest


Magyar said...

__ Nature's walk: stepping beyond today's shouts of crudity,
breezes whisper.

to answer the pine
voices glide above the scent
flowers sweeter words


Sandy said...

I love every one. Hey, I thought I was the only one who thought that about the pines! Y0u captured some of the joys of Spring!

Adelaide said...

Thanks Doug. For calm and relief from stress, go to Nature. with her scents and sounds.


Adelaide said...

Thanks, Sandy. I don't have pines around me here, but I have a brook that speaks to me.


Bill said...

Oh, these are lovely.

the little tree
in the big one's shade
morning breeze

Adelaide said...

Thank you, Bill, for your comment and delightful haiku. Without spring, how would we have lived through these past few months? Think about lockdown in winter! Makes me worry about a resurgence.

Stay well and safe.