Wednesday, May 27, 2020



The Poulnabrone Dolmen, the Portal Tomb.  A six-foot high structure of two slender limestone portal stones supporting a 12 foot flat table-like capstone. High on a hill in The Burren in County Clare, Ireland.  The name means “hole of sorrows.”

Dating back from 4200 BC – 2900 BC, it is the sacred burial tomb of Celtic tribes. Silhouetted against the lowering sun, it is impressive, especially from a distance without tourists snapping pictures and where the restraining ropes are not visible.  They were put up to keep visitors from climbing on the top or chipping away at the pillars. 

I hang back from the group and look again.

six- foot cairn
whistling winds keep company
with the dead


Magyar said...

__ The need to honor history and such essesces of life, so well shown Adelaide. _m

Stone story; as light enhances this sense; history's moon.

Adelaide said...

Than you, Doug. I like the phrase Stone story. So much can be imagined.I wish I thought of it.


Gillena Cox said...

do stones grow -
the history etched in
these ancient slabs

Thanks for dropping by my blog today Adelaide


Adelaide said...

Thanks, Gillena. Happy you visited