Friday, June 28, 2013


Haigaonline, March 2013

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Tanka Sequence

                                                 A COUNTRY IDYLL

                                                 summer pasture–
                                                 a sway-back horse grazes
                                                 in the shade;
                                                 the quiet of this morning
                                                 comes to me in waves

                                                 hill-top farmhouse
                                                 flanked by sentinels
                                                 of twin pines;
                                                 the years they have stood watch
                                                 through the rolling seasons
                                                 silver-edged clouds–
                                                 a shadow slowly glides
                                                 over the meadow;
                                                 soon the day will give over
                                                 to ordinary chores

Modern English Tanka, spring 2007

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Thursday, June 13, 2013


                     A NEIGHBORHOOD PARTY

Five o'clock on a balmy afternoon in late summer.  A party at the neighbor's.  A Jordanian family with dozens of relatives, all present to celebrate a young man's completion of his medical training.

                     a pink and blue sky-
                     the early evening vibrates
                     with a tublah drum *

Exotic odors wafting throughout the garden.  Between eating, there is much talk in Arabic and English and joyous music.

                       a murmuring wind -
                       the ululations of women
                       in the night

We are welcomed into this close family, encouraged to eat, drink, dance.  At one end of the garden, rock and roll; at the other end, a belly dancer.

                        the moon's half light-
                        bejeweled hands twist and turn

*tublah drum:  a Arab drum similar to a bongo
Stylus Poetry Journal, Dec. 2005

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Thursday, June 6, 2013


                                      falling blossoms
                                      the swirl of her dress
                                      as she spins

                                      her merry giggle
                                      twirling in the rope swing
                                      dogwood blossoms

                                      weeping cherry
                                      the reason to hurry

Honorable Mention,
Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival 2011
Haiku Reality, Dec. 2010\
Presence, summer 2012

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