Monday, June 29, 2020


My deck is my transport. It awaits my boarding, weather permitting. Comfortable seating, in sun or shade, my choice. Snacks or full meals can be provided. Reading material is always provided, as well as pen and paper should I choose to read or write. Should I wish, I may watch the screen before me, the cranberry red Japanese maple trees and dark green, pink flowering bushes behind them, the containers of potted plants with their ochre, white and salmon colored blossoms. This show is accompanied by stereophonic sound. Various bird calls, soughing breezes, rustling leaves, gurgling water from the brook just beyond the trees encircle me, wrapping me in warm, comforting arms, and I am airborne to the destination of my choice.

The blue Aegean and white sands of Naxos, the slopes at Chamonix, a glaring white under the winter sun, the strong odors and raucous calls of vendors in the Grand Suk in Dubai, the plaintive Fado coming from a lone singer in an alley. Visions of memories and new, imaginative ones. I am in control. I am the pilot for this journey.

a summer day
at a yard sale
the years in review

a passing parade
now and then a memory
falls out of step

Heritage Hills Newsletter, July 2020


Sandy said...

What a lovely place to read and dream! It appears that you are spending the down time very well.

Adelaide said...

Thank you, Sandy. No sitting outside today. Lots of rain, but helps the flowers.

Happy 4th