Friday, August 31, 2012


Summer Haiku

rose trellis
shadows on the wall
woven by the wind

first light
a coolness in the call
of mourning doves

summer dampness   surrounded
       on a country road   night smells

Shiki kukai, 11/2010
Presence , autumn 2010
Taj Mahal Review, winter 2008
(with some modification)-

Friday, August 24, 2012


                                            THOUGHTS ON A HOT NIGHT

Old apprehensions and worries return in dreams.  Final exams, new job, no job.  Misunderstandings, disappointments, changes, both planned and unexpected.  The present and the past skewed and twisted, a tangle of truth and nightmare, a canvas of smeared colors.

Upon awakening, elusive remnants remain.  A piece here… there.  Sometimes pleasant, sometimes unsettling.

                                             full summer moon–
                                             an owl asks “Who?”
                                             I ask ,”Why?”
 Gean, spring 2011

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Friday, August 17, 2012


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Haigaonline, summer 2012 Featured Artist

Saturday, August 11, 2012


a slow darkness–
lingering in the shadows
all the day’s heat

insects at dusk–
their monotone broken
by a dog’s bark

late afternoon–
a breeze pushes the heat
from here to there

HSA Anthology, 2006
Frogpond, spring 2008
World Haiku Review, spring 2009

Friday, August 3, 2012

Haiku Sequence

                                         THE DUST BOWL

                                          early morning
                                          before the wind rises
                                          a glimpse of the sun

                                          feeding chickens
                                          the children tethered
                                          to a rope

                                          rolling dust
                                          the horizon opens
                                          and closes

                                          wind gusting–
                                          another meal of potatoes
                                          and grit

                                          picked corn
                                          beneath the dust
                                          more dust

                                          clothes on the line
                                          the first dry and dirty
                                          before the last

                                          sheriff’s auction
                                          her good china divided
                                          into sets of two

                                          Sunday service
                                          prayers for rain
                                          blown away

                                          sweat down my face–
                                          counting the roads
                                          out of town

Frogpond, Summer 2012

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