Saturday, February 20, 2016



                                                  a quiet rain–
                                                  content to lie awake
                                                  and listen

                                                  beads of mist
                                                  from the umbrella's spokes
                                                  alternating drops

                                                  my umbrella
                                                  flipped in the wind–
                                                  uncertain days

Simply Haiku, 2010
Shiki Kukai, 2012
Cattails, 2014

Monday, February 8, 2016


We are touring Spain, driving south along the coast. August is hot; traffic is fast and heavy as many Europeans take their holiday in August. Three cranky and sweaty children in the back seat are consoled with promises of a swim when we stop for the day
                                                     hot pebbly beach
                                                     washing away the grime
                                                     in tepid waves

 Staying at a parador, a state run hotel, we have the choice of a pool or the sea.

                                                    a cannon ball jump
                                                    riding the waves
                                                    to the shallow end

A busy tourist town. The only hotel with a vacancy is three blocks from the beach. A small and slightly shabby affair, but the beds and baths are clean.

                                                      sun glare
                                                      the many shades of white
                                                      in white sand
At a small fishing village, another slightly shabby but clean hotel.
                                                      diving through leaves
                                                      yellow and blue tile
                                                      on the bottom

Heading north on our way back to Switzerland we camp out. No pool. No sea.  Rain and wind all night.

                                                        early departure
                                                        three giggly children
                                                        splash into the mist
Shamrock, Feb. 2016