Tuesday, June 16, 2020



In spite of the weather forecast we continue as planned. A trek in a nature preserve, outfitted with boots, brimmed hats, slickers, walking sticks. We choose one of several trails.

a misty view
hand in hand we walk
the years 

The birds and insects are silent. Only the squish of our boots and the rain on trees, on the ground, on layers of decaying leaves. The melody changes as the rain subsides and increases.

late night radio
the same love song
with variations

Puddles form in low places and pools collect on large leaves and in a hollowed out tree where woodpeckers have been at work. In some spots, where the growth above us is thick, branches overlap to create a sheltering dry spot. We keep the silence, the mood expressed in our eyes, our smiles, our thoughts.

steady rain
washing away
the day’s debris

 World Haiku Review


Magyar said...

remembered walk
through this clatter of rain drops
natures rhythm

__I thank you for your grand post, Adelaide... and it had caused this above echo. _m

Adelaide said...

Than you Doug. I'm glad my post inspired you.


Gillena Cox said...

rainforest trek -
the silence must be kept to view
beared bellbird

Falling back on a 2013 memory here

Stay Safe


Adelaide said...

Thank you Gillena for your response.