Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Haiga for Summer


Daily Haiga


haiku-shelf said...

Summer shower!

Some rain would be very nice here!

Adelaide said...

We need rain here, as well.Thanks for visiting.


Magyar said...

__ Ah... the White Wine of Summer... nice. I hope all is well Adelaide.

Adelaide said...

Thanks, Doug. All is well; still staying pretty much close to home inside or on my deck.


Bill said...

A delightful greeting to the season

Adelaide said...

Thanks, Bill. At five p.m. I'll drink a glass of wine to you and all my friends, wherever they are.


Gillena Cox said...

Beautiful haiga, Adelaide, we had much too much rain today. Felling trees and flooding part and parcel of of Wet Season

Thanks for dropping by my blog today


Adelaide said...

Thanks, gillena. Happy you stopped by.