Friday, August 30, 2019



A sunny morning in southern Spain.   In summer, there is no other kind of day. Already hot at nine o’clock. Still…a good day for exploring.  With our three young children we leave our hotel, located a short distance from the center of town. Vendors have set up their wares on the sidewalks.

         the sun in my eyes—
         that first squirt of juice
         from an orange

Leaning against a stone wall, a thin woman and two children.  The toddler, hair matted, eyes rheumy, staring at everyone and no one.  The baby, wrapped in a soiled blanket, lying on a straw mat near a box for shade. Garlic for sale, nothing more. 

                                    a burning wind
                                    funnels down an alley—
      grit in my shoes

Presence 2004


Sandy said...

What a job you did of capturing these scenes! Life can be so sad sometimes.

Adelaide said...

Thank you, Sandy. Unfortunately, sadness is found all over the world.