Wednesday, September 25, 2019


                                                                           Walking the Path  

We walk the path on a breezy autumn day. It is peak season. The sky, an energetic blue, decorated with pillow clouds. Colors vibrant and many:  umber, russet, orange, burgundy, lemon yellow, tawny gold and colors for which I have no name.

                                                                      one step at a time
                                                                      our shadows merge
                                                                      into one

Leaves loosen their hold on trees and zip across the path, some grazing us as with a dry brush. Passing a copse of spruce the wind give voice.

                                                                    see Naples and die
                                                                    the meaning arrives
                                                                    with a rush of sound


Magyar said...

__ Grand again Adelaide! My, and all reader's thoughts I expect, are among those shadows!
__ With each step we become one with our goal, that Sun's shadow. In reaching that shadow, again we stride toward the goals of tomorrow; stride is strive... a common link. _m

Adelaide said...

Thank you, Doug. You are a philosopher for sure, as well as a poet.