Wednesday, September 11, 2019



Often the same dream, unfolding contradictions.  In college, missing classes, wanting a car; out of college, no job, driving to class; graduating, quitting before the last year, late for class; riding the bus, walking fast, reading the want ads; feeling guilty , making plans for tomorrow, giving in to inertia and confusion.

early morning crows
not understanding
their anger or mine

Simply Haiku, Feb. 2009


littlemancat said...

This really resonates with me, Adelaide. Beautifully expressed, that mercurial human essence. Solid one day, in bardo the next. And knowing we are dreaming it.
Mary F.Ahearn

Adelaide said...

Dreams are always a mystery. Some I recognize as a distortion of what really happened, others as fears of what I worried about, some I I have no clue at all, and I doubt that even Freud could have understood them.

Thanks for commenting.


Magyar said...

__ Still shadows, I still dream; this seemed -double exposure- creates a dream. Nifty Adelaide! _m

double exposure
this windmill paints the cabin face
still shadows dream

Adelaide said...

Double exposures create interesting images, I think. Thanks for commenting and for your haiku.