Thursday, September 26, 2013


                                                    on a hill
Posted by Picasa                                               autumn leaves vibrate
                                                    in the sun;
                                                    so much to absorb
                                                    on any single day

                                                    fall outing–
                                                    the choices to make
                                                    gathering leaves
                                                    I try to pick the ones
                                                    that will last

Ribbons, autumn 2009; Never Endig Story
Multiverses, 2012


Steven W. Dunn said...

My grandsons and I, during our nature walks, pick the leaves that each of us find beautiful. We then perform the ancient ritual of creating lovely designs placed between two layers of waxed paper pressed with a hot iron. Sometimes the finished creations end up left with "Papa" (me) to hang in his windows for the light to shine through and other times the walk away with their most inspired creators.

Adelaide said...

Hi Steven,

I did that with my children. I haven't done it for years. Now that you've reminded me, I think I'll do it just for myself.

Thanks for visiting my blog.


janetld said...

I enjoyed your autumn tanka and beautiful photo. (Is that near to where you live?)

My favorite parts:
"autumn leaves vibrate / in the sun / so much to absorb"


"the ones / that will last"

Adelaide said...

Hi Janet,

Thank you for yor kind words. The photo was taken very near our house, a road we drive along every day and one of the loveliest in this area.This road has given me much inspration for poems and photos.


janetld said...

I'd really enjoy that scenery!

Frank... said...

Lovely combo of photo & poems, Adelaide...

Adelaide said...

Thank you, Frank.