Wednesday, September 18, 2013


                                  morning mist
                                  the tick...tick
                                  of leaves falling

                                  morning sharpness
                                  rain soaked leaves
                                  sticking where they fall

                                  turning the corner
                                  crimson maple trees
                                  dripping rain

Heron's Nest, Oct. 2002
Daily Haiku, Oct. 30, 2009
Dragonfly, Jan 1974
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Bill said...

Three beauties. Hard to pick a favorite. I like that "tick - tick." But the sharpness in the second one really does it for me

Gillena Cox said...

we had a lot of rain this week but today is blistering hot; have a nice Thursday

much love...

Adelaide said...

Thanks Bill and Gillena. It won't be long now before we get that real morning sharpness.


Frank... said...

Autumn is now well under way now Adelaide. I like the first poem very much,'the tick...tick' is a good way to describe leaves falling through mist...

Adelaide said...

Thank you, Frank, for stopping by.
We are beginning to see some color here.