Thursday, May 30, 2013


                                       THE BIRTHDAY PARTY

My granddaughter’s sixth birthday.  Ten girls and two boys buzzing like trapped bees in the screened-in patio.  All anxious for the games to begin.

Pin the tail on the donkey first.  Most are too accurate.  Suspect some peeking going on.  Prizes are awarded to everyone.  A bit too soon, it seems.  Nothing left for later.  The birthday girl shrugs.  “Sorry, Mom.  Too late now.”

Pizza and coke and games on the lawn.  Red light, green light, statues, a relay race and a three-legged race.  No tears, but many excited players jumping the starting whistle.

Watching my daughter maintain the pace and the peace, I feel my age.  Once I stood where she stands.  Now I watch and marvel at the speed of time and how some beautiful events repeat themselves.  A comforting awareness.

                                              a soft wind –
                children race to the finish
                                              tripping with laughter

Stylus Poetry Journal, July 2003

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Bill said...

Nothing overstated. I like it.soutioX according

Adelaide said...

Thanks, Bill. I don't know what you mean by "soutioX according"

Looks like a secret code?

janetld said...

V. relatable work.

My fav. sentence:
Ten girls and two boys buzzing like trapped bees in the screened-in patio.

Gillena Cox said...

Adelaide; sheer delight, photo and haibun

much love...

Adelaide said...

Thank you Janet and Gillena. My daughter made it look easier than I remember it to be.