Saturday, May 4, 2013


                                   A WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON 

The third day of a heat wave.  We escape to a new Portuguese restaurant for a leisurely lunch.  Sublimely cool inside. The décor, sun colored stucco walls with a blue tile border.  The food, a blend of seafood and rice; the wine, a chilled white.  

I smile at the other diners; they smile back.  Everyone is my friend.  There is no place but here, in this cool, blue tiled room with the sound of guitars coming from an unseen source, the sweet, syrupy port slipping down my throat. 
                                       a dip in the lake
                                 floating in the coolness
                                           of dusk 

Haibun Today, Dec. 2012

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Bill said...


Adelaide said...

Thank you, Bill. The picture was taken at Innesfree, an oriental style garden here in Millbrook. It is open to the public, for a moderate fee, and has lovely views.
There is no "dipping" in the lake, however.


janetld said...


We could use some escapes like this during our long summers here in TX.

maggie said...

Very lovely, Adelaide . . . I can feel that port slipping down my throat as well.

Adelaide said...

Thank you, Janet and Maggie. I appreciate your comments.


Gillena Cox said...

this is lovely, i savor it; reading word by word particularly since; we are having extremely hot days

much love...

Adelaide said...

Thanks Gillena. I hope you get a break in the weather soon.