Thursday, June 6, 2013


                                      falling blossoms
                                      the swirl of her dress
                                      as she spins

                                      her merry giggle
                                      twirling in the rope swing
                                      dogwood blossoms

                                      weeping cherry
                                      the reason to hurry

Honorable Mention,
Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival 2011
Haiku Reality, Dec. 2010\
Presence, summer 2012

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maggie said...

All lovely. I especially like the first and third, though, which work together as a pair that shows the contrast between joy/sorrow, motion/stillness. Powerful.

Gillena Cox said...

oh what pretty flowers; the third haiku 'weeping cherry' is my favorite of this set

much love...

Adelaide said...

Thank you, Maggie and Gillena. I appreciate your comments.


Bill said...

Three good ones. "weeping cherry" is my favorite, and I like the way the first one ;puts a new spin (I know, I know) on the tired cherry blossom motif.

janetld said...

these go together well - and what a photo! I believe my own fav is the third as well - and I remember reading it in Presence.

p.s. my young niece just last week was trying to get her dress to swirl.

Adelaide said...

Thank you Bill and Janet. The spring blossoms are always lovely and inspiring.