Thursday, May 23, 2013


                                       A DREAM VISIT 

Once more I'm going home to the street of my childhood.  The trolley taking me is going too fast, and I'm afraid I'll miss my stop.  I'm afraid I won't remember it.  Shops along the route are not the same.  I feel lost, anxious.  I pull the cord.

I've reached my street, and it is as it used to be.  The ice house on one corner; a candy and tobacco shop on the other. It is a working man's street, one and two family houses on one side and factories on the other.

It is summer.  I inhale a miasma of odors, the strongest from the Goodyear plant.

                                    12 o'clock–
                                    in the shade, the clanging
                                    of lunch buckets

On this visit, I am an adult and married.  I know this, although my husband isn't with me.  I am an age I can't determine.  Thirties, forties?  Maybe older.  I live at number 42 on the second floor, above my grandparents.  They are still there, and it makes perfect sense.  I climb the front stairs to the second floor.
                                    the afternoon sun
                                    through the stained glass window—
                                    climbing a rainbow

The flat is not large, yet we live here, my parents and I, my sister, my husband.  My father sleeps heavily.  He had died.  Or so I had thought, and I wonder where he's been.  My mother indicates the need to be quiet.

 Moving slowly and softly I prepare food.  My mother and I together.  Roast chicken, pasta.  Large platters of food never to be eaten.  They dissolve.  My parents dissolve.  For a short time—minutes, seconds perhaps—I see and feel the inexplicable reality of the unreal, and I am grateful for this brief meeting.

                                    mourning doves call—
                                    in dreams, neither hello
                                    nor goodbye

Contemporary Haibun On-line, Aug. 2005

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Warren said...

This, Adelaide, has to be the most wonderful haibun I've read - so artful and memorable. It provides a wonderful glimpse into you, the poet, and also brings the reader, or me at least, to face our own dreams and dream experiences as you've related in this poem. I really enjoyed reading this, and your haiku are EXCELLENT! Thanks for the experience.


Bill said...

I love the way this catches the dream quality.

Frank... said...

A very nice haibun, Adelaide. I love the way that you've work shopped the photo; it suggests a dream eloquently...

Gillena Cox said...

this is such a lovely way to share a dream and the photo just compliments the whole scenario so well; thanks for sharing

much love...

Adelaide said...

Thank you Warren, Bill, Frank and Gillena. The photo is of the street where I lived in New Haven, CT taken about 5 years ago. Nothing is ever the same when going back, is it, nor is it the same in dreams. I appreciate all your comments and praise.


janetld said...

I v. much enjoyed reading this haibun myself - for all the same reasons as already cited.

Adelaide said...

Thank you, Janet.