Friday, May 1, 2020



The Apocalypse, Armageddon, Dystopia. The stuff of sci-fi and fantasy movies. Drastic scenarios of the imagination. 

Never to happen, never to come even close, never to nip at the fringes. Never say never. Attributed by some to Charles Dickens in Pickwick Papers. 

Never say neverbecause the beast is nibbling now, not the beast of the Black Death that plagued the globe in the mid-1300 hundreds. A smaller beast, not as ravenous, but cunning in its disguise, hiding behind a neighbor, a friend, a loved one. 

During the Black Death those who could left cities. 

social distancing
she and hubby converse
with texting

Streets emptied. Shops closed. Food was in short supply. People prayed for a miracle

for once, quick parking
leaving the market
with an empty cart

 Seven centuries later we wait for our miracle, a vaccine. In the meantime, we use technology and click, click our order; our children continue school; we communicate. All because of technology, a miracle of sorts, considering how people communicated during the Black Death. 

We do have spring slowly making her appearance, although we may not be noticing her. She comes in spurts and sprints, but she comes, stays a while and disappears.  Patience required. Patience in all things.

schedules we keep
each to its own time
emerging plants

morning coffee
fidgeting while waiting
for the pot to fill
Drifting Sands


Bill said...

Lovely, Adelaide. Thanks.

morning drizzle
steam rising
from the cup

Adelaide said...

Thank you, Bill for the comment and the haiku.


Gillena Cox said...

new normal day -
a look at the calendar
moon of all shapes

Thanks for dropping by my blig tiday Adelaide.
Luv your haibun


Magyar said...

A miracle of sorts:
__ Adelaide, and it can be seen by your good work, that in today's life... common sense is beginning to gain new balance; green, the growth beyond technology.

Adelaide said...

Thank you, Gillena and Doug. Maybe , just maybe, there is some light.


Sandy said...

Powerful! I could not have imagined this in a million years. We are coping and keeping in touch with family.

My husband is becoming a really good internet forager. I am baking bread again, and have the time to finish every thing on my to do list. Life goes on, but in a different way.

I hope that you are doing well. Just get your eye on your beautiful garden.

We had snow all morning, and now have a bit of sun, and lots of wind. I imagine you are the same sort of weather.

Adelaide said...

No snow here, but below freezing at night. Have planst on my dining room table waiting to be repotted in window boxes whenver the danger of frost is finally gone.

I think many of us are baking bread if we can get flour and yeast. Bread baking is consoling, something about the kneading and the lovely fragrance while baking. And, yes, that first slice of warm bread with butter!

Stay well,