Monday, February 24, 2020


Afternoon Drive

Clouding over.  The sun disappears.  Cold.  Colder.  The first flakes.  Increasing rapidly.  On a secondary road, miles from a village, level ground gives way to a slow ascent.  The road narrowing as the snow becomes heavier. The light is dim. No cars in front or behind.  No room to turn around. Visions of getting stuck, freezing to death.  With the car in reverse we back down several miles to level ground and a wider road where we can turn the car.

smoky café 
with the chill gone
the shaking begins

World Haiku Review


Sandy said...

Wow, Adelaide, I felt this! My husband and I have done the exact same thing.

Beautifully written, and enjoyed!

Adelaide said...

We were going skiing, the kids and my husband, not I. I would go for the hot chocolate, hot coffee or hot grog, hot soup and a nice book to read. Never got to the ski runs that day.