Saturday, October 6, 2018

Haiku for Autumn

                                                              first glimpse of fall
                                                              what I planned to do . . .
                                                              what I did

                                                             slow line of traffic
                                                             above . . . the V formation
                                                             of geese

                                                             pelting the windshield
                                                             yellow poplar leaves
                                                             swished up by cars

Stylus Poetry Journal


Magyar said...

__ As we float into another season, glancing back... is looking forward; nicely seen, Adelaide. _m

afloat on this pool
golden leaves set their new course
nature paints in time

Adelaide said...

Thanks, Magyar. leaves are falling, but the temp. feels like July I think they are falling from exhaustion, since there has been no freeze or cold nights.


Gillena Cox said...

The last one is my favourite; luv those swished up leaves

much love...

Sandy said...

I laughed at the first -- me too!
loved the slow lane of traffic
and, can relate to the leaves

an afternoon wind
sweeps the driveway clean
the aster pot rolls

Adelaide said...

Thank you, Sandy and Gillena.

Yes, the wind sweeps the driveway clean, but not for long.