Sunday, October 14, 2018


                                                        A COUNTRY HAIBUN

A murky sky on a late winter day.  The farm country is brown. Rolling pastures of dried brown grass, plowed fields of muddy dirt, corn fields left with a golden brown stubble. Here and there a white farmhouse with outbuildings in either red or white.  Otherwise, the vista is brown, brown, brown.

There is a subdued beauty about the brown hills, their sweep and curve, their valleys and ridges. A smoothness and a calmness in their brown coat.  A solid color, brown.  Dependable, lasting.  On this dull day horses and cows stand quietly in pastures.  The stillness of a painting by a Dutch master, but for the crows. 

                                                            cawing and pecking
                                                            down one hill and up another
                                                            black dots on brown

Bottle Rockets #17, August 2007


Magyar said...

Nicely pictorial, Adelaide!
__ "Cawing and pecking", "black dots on brown". I see crows with the horses and cows... in the late summer fields. Ah, the changes. _m

pdfrench said...

I really enjoyed this piece. I have seen what you describe and it is a lovely site!

Adelaide said...

Thank you Magyar and Peggy. This area has its own special beauty regardless of the season.

Thanks for your comments and appreciation


Gillena Cox said...

Adelaide; i Lluv the animation, the colour and the repetition in this haibun; an earthy splendour

Much love...

Adelaide said...

Thank you, Gillena. It's not brown yet. We've had a slow start for cold weather. Last night was the first freeze.


Sandy said...

haying the cows~
I see my breath
the cow's too

I grew up on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma.

Adelaide said...

Thanks, Sandy, for your haiku.