Friday, March 14, 2014


                                                          My Winter Muse 

You flit in and out, teasing me with promises, freezing up or vaporizing like mist all too quickly.  I search for you in the woodlands.  The trees naked and dark under a slate colored sky.  Branches and limbs tossed and tangled on the woodland floor. Last year’s leaves sticking to patches of old snow.

Horses in a muddy field wearing blankets, one a bright blue and gold plaid, glowing in the cold winter sunlight.  Beyond that field, another.  Dairy cows, their black and white hides splattered with mud.  Uncaring, except for munching bales of hay spread on a raised platform.

Rain and more cold.  The singing stream chokes up at an ice dam where a tree has fallen. 

                                                        sleepless hours
                                                     listening for words
                                                         in the wind
Contemporary Haibun On-line
August 2013


Bill said...

If you see my muse, Adelaide, tell her I've been looking for her.

I love this.

Adelaide said...

I'll tell her. Maybe they ran off together.


janetld said...

Beautiful work.


Gillena Cox said...

They do like to tease us so don't they? Have a nice weekend Adelaide

Much love...

Adelaide said...

Thank you, Janet and Gillena.
Winter is finally losing its grip. I'll be looking for my Spring Muse now.