Monday, August 26, 2013


                                     tree lined Main Street
                                     on this summer afternoon
                                     only the air moves
                                      hot and humid
                                      another day
                                      dripping summer

                                      sticky heat
                                      at the family dinner
                                      a pot boils over

Pipe Dreams, 9/26/2011
A Hundred Gourds, 9/2012
Presence, Summer 2013
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Frank... said...

I love the way you've work-shopped the photo. Adelaide - it looks just like a drawing; and to accompany it a very nice sequence of haiku.

Adelaide said...

Thank you, Frank.

I wish I could draw like this, but alas...I can only work-shop the photos I take.


Bill said...


Adelaide said...

Thank you, Bill.

Have a good holiday weekend.


Magyar said...

rain drops
fall through the evening leaves
a cricket

__A humble thought, left in complement Adelaide. _m

janetld said...

I particularly like your last one, which I remember from Presence.

Adelaide said...

Thank you Magyar and Janet, and for your complimentary haiku, Magyar.


Gillena Cox said...

its extremely hot here in T&T right now

much love...

Adelaide said...

I hope you cool off soon.
We are having some good weather for a change.