Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Haiku sequence

, , ,and the rains came


opening windows

the first rays of sunshine

after a hard rain



splashing down the grassy slope

purple crocus


the blurred shades

of a watercolor garden

rain-streaked window


spring rain

the pond rises

to meet the willows


more rain

April ends

with a new pond

Heritage Hills Newsletter


Gillena Cox said...

Lines 1to 4 makes a fantastic gembun ( a new form created by Ai Li)
Enjoyed the entire rain sequence.
Happy you dropped by my blog Adelaide.


Adelaide said...

Thanks Gillena. I'll have to check out this new poetic form.


Magyar said...

our house cat
tapped those sliding rain drops
outside the window

__That inside cat, sat on the chair back and tapped (Tabby?) at the running rain drops... on the outside of that window glass! I was enthralled.

*Thanks, Adelaide, My long ago memory of Mom and Dad's house.. I was about 6 or 8 years old; "Sneeky"that black and grey tiger-cat.* _m

Adelaide said...

Hi Doug,

Yes, cats are amusing. We always had a cat or two when growing up.
Thanks for your comments.