Friday, April 1, 2022


What Fits   

In a moment of madness, I buy a puzzle depicting The Great Wave, the woodblock print designed by Hokusai. I clear off the dining room table and begin to sift through the pieces looking for the flat sided edges. More light is needed. I place a floor lamp next to the table.


After several days, with some help from my daughter,  I have the frame completed. The cartouche in upper left corner is next. Slow progress, but progress. Done.  Onto the skiff in the lower right. With help, that is done, almost. 


Then. . .a stall, pause, stoppage, no progress.  White space, blue waves, splashes, curly lines. dots, all the same, same, same, but each different. Different in shape, different in design.  


                                          a jigsaw puzzle

                                          a thousand pieces to join

                                          a lifetime’s work

                                          to find the right connections

                                          and make them fit


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sandy said...

Beautiful...I looked around for a bit and really enjoyed your Haikus and poetry.