Sunday, May 23, 2021

Haiku: Trees in Bloom

white dogwood
giving the abandoned church
a new roof

a  scruffy lawn

jacaranda blossoms

fill the bare spots

heavy rain

collecting cherry blossoms

with each step

World Haiku Review
World Haiku Review


Gillena Cox said...

Bravo! Beautiful haiku Adelaide


Magyar said...

__It is my "age-pile," that has caused my "eye-thoughts" to
appreciate nature's beauty; here Adelaide, you've added to that, with these photos and words. Grand! _m

Adelaide said...

Thank you Gillena and Doug.

The blossoming trees last for too short a time. I want to photograph them every year.


Sandy said...

I love the way nature fixes things! Fine work, Adelaide.

Adelaide said...

Thank you, Sandy. The fallen blossoms always make a lovely pattern.


Pure Envy said...

Fine Work. Keep posting the same.!!!
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Adelaide said...

Thank you, whoever you are. Leave a name next time.


DigiDaddy World said...

Beautiful words as well the pictures.
Love this

Adelaide said...

Thank you, DDW. I appreciate your comments