Friday, May 7, 2021


                                                                 Breaking Away…or Not      


I cannot ride a bike.  A bad fall as a child pushed my wish to learn off the horizon.  Once every decade or so a hazy desire returns, spurred on by family, only to vanish after another fall or near fall.  I envision a fractured hip, broken collar bone, concussion, full body cast.  Now in my  seventh decade spring has again stirred an unnatural wish to defy gravity and climb in the saddle.


But wait… Are those rain clouds moving across the horizon?  Storm clouds bringing thunder and lightning? 


Ride a bike?  No thank you.  I’d rather walk.


                                                                  yellow flowers

                                                                  drawing me down

                                                                  for a closer look



Gillena Cox said...

Ha, i cannot ride a bike either.
Happy Sunday


Adelaide said...

never felt comfortable on a bike. Maybe a three-wheeler would be OK.

Thanks for visiting.


Sandy said...

I can ride a bike, but haven't since my daughter was small. Looking at the flowers is much more appealing these days.

Adelaide said...

I agree with you, Sandy. Many flowering trees in bloom in the area. Always a pleasure to see.