Monday, April 5, 2021

Haiku sequence

and the rains came

spring rain

the pond rises

to meet the willows

the blurred shades

of a watercolor garden

rain-streaked window


splashing down the grassy bank

purple crocus

opening windows

the first rays of sunshine

after a hard rain

more rain

April ends

with a new pond

Heritage Hills News


R's Rue said...


Adelaide said...

Thank you.


Sandy said...

I love the idea of a watercolor garden!

Adelaide, you see the best in a rainy day. By the way, you could have been writing about our pond and willow.

Adelaide said...

thanks, sandy.

and the rains are still coming. . .


Gillena Cox said...

Lots of rain in your haiku sequence. Happy Sunday Adelaide. Thanks for dropping by my blog


Magyar said...

"Purple crocus, after a hard rain, with a new pond."

__ When someone writes in depth... that which insights the reader's imagination... it amplifies the value of that writer's thought. Heartful, Adelaide. _m

Adelaide said...

Thanks, gillena. . .and it's still raining


Adelaide said...

Thank you, Doug. I appreciate your kind words.