Sunday, January 19, 2020

Haiku for winter

snow day
long pauses between chores
stretching the quiet

third day of snow
retelling Grandpa’s stories
of his arrival



Sandy said...

It is hard to complain about the snow when it is so beautiful. We had the same three snow days as you. I love both of your poems. How could a person help from standing by the window, watching the snow fall? And, a snow day does bring to mind "back when" stories.

Adelaide said...

Thanks, Sandy. Wish I could comment on your blog. I loved your last post. Old photos bring back many memories.


Gillena Cox said...

silence and snow -
the chores
get done

Happy you dropped by my sumie Sunday Adelaide


Adelaide said...

Thank you, Gillena. There's no end to chores.


Gillena Cox said...

My 14th anniversary celebration of blogging

much love...

Adelaide said...
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Adelaide said...

Congrats to you Gillena. it's 11 years for me.