Thursday, December 12, 2019


Sept. 2019


Sandy said...

Haha! Autumn starts when I slip into my chamois shirt!

Same here, on the second one.

Love the third. I have yet to do a roast as good as my mother's.

remembering the
heady scent of Sunday roast
mama's seasoning

Adelaide said...

Ah, yes! Mom's cooking. Mom took no short cuts, no premade gravies, soup stock, blended spice and herb mixes, no cake mixes. I began that way, but gave in to convenience as ready made products became more available.

Thanks for commenting.


Magyar said...

__ So many "tasters" dislike fruit cake, but my Mom merged that fruitiness to the point of perfection. From Halloween through Thanksgiving, New Years Days and especially Christmases... neighbors asked for her fruit cake loafs. I think 'twas the 'Cranberries' along with the other fruits, that caused that tangy conflict, that twixt the sweet and sour. Yes, all natural, nothing pre-made... no A&P mixes. Smiles _m

Adelaide said...

I love fruit cake. I'm sure I would love your mother's.


Gillena Cox said...

Luv the nostalgia in the simmering pot sumie

Merry Christmas Adelaide


Adelaide said...

Thank you gillena