Saturday, July 6, 2019


Garden Design 

An unknown crop of seedlings appears in the garden in autumn. Perhaps one of the flower seeds planted in spring which did not sprout. Perhaps weeds. I leave them alone.

They survive winter, grow quickly as soon as the days warm up, producing dark lavender flowers. What they are, I don't know. 

                                                                            garden book
                                                                            the perfect plan
                                                                            on page twenty-eight

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Sandy said...

I think that is columbine. I sure wish some would show up here. Garden plans are good, but a person has to be prepared for what shows up. I am glad you kept it.

Adelaide said...

They didn't last in the garden. I had no luck with flowers. My daffodils came up fewer each year, the cosmos never returned, the iris grew lots of leaves, but only one flower, golden day lillies never flowered all summer. I
finally resorted to annuals in containers. More Reliable.


Dejan Pavlinović said...

Beautiful blog! I feel like I'm in the middle of the gardens close to me, don't have a clue about most plants :-)
Thank you very much for your comments on my blog, Adelaide!

Adelaide said...

Thank you. Hope you visit again.


Magyar said...

Grand, Adelaide!
__ Here, this years seasonal tree flowers, and the blossoms of the wild... have truly overcome my eyes. You have enhanced that feeling. _m

Adelaide said...

Thank you, Magyar. My condo complex doesn't have wild flowers,, but in has marvelous displays of annuals thoughout the area. There is color everywhere.