Sunday, February 17, 2019



Haigaonline, Rock Challenge


JFM said...

Your photos and writings are wonderful.
They go beautifully together.
Well done 💮

Magyar said...

__ Grand haiga trio, Adelaide. _m

Nature; in each days studio; life art.

Adelaide said...

Thank you Magyar and Jan.

Sandy said...

All of these are lovely! I wish I had those rocks in the first two haiga. The third one is a bit large for my garden.

I planted flower seeds today while it was snowing. There might be a haiku in that. Maybe tomorrow.

Adelaide said...

Thanks, Sandy. i am looking forward too spring in my new place. I want to get potted plants for my deck which overlooks a small spring. The grounds are maintained by the condo association, but we are allowed to plant some flowers in front of our units. I may just do that, if my knees will allow me to bend down and dig in the dirt.