Friday, May 25, 2018


                                                  A  PICTURE POSTCARD

A green and gold landscape.  New wheat and rape fields set out in connecting squares.  Black and white cows spotting open pastures.  Lichened stone walls; solid rough wood barns and farm houses.  Flower fresh window boxes trailing summer against dun colored walls.

                                                           a mountain village
                                                           resting above the fog line– 
                                                           the quickness of change 
Bottle Rockets


Magyar said...

Adelaide, your line, "resting above the fog line-" nifty!
__ Encouraged my thought: resting above the "present time" the love of older things. The yellow of the sun, and of the mustard flowers. _m

mustard flowers
across this sunning field

Adelaide said...

Ah, yes. I've seen that, a wedge of rain moving across a rape field.

Thank you.