Friday, July 21, 2017


fire-red lilies
a radiating heat
at sunset

the swelling sound of crickets
pressing heat

a misty beach walk
following the footprints
of gulls

Living Haiku Anthology
HSA Anthology 2002


Bill said...

Very good, Adelaide. I think I like the last one best.

Adelaide said...

Thanks, Bill. A cool beach walk would feel good after all this heat and humidity.


Magyar said...

Sunset; the bats catch their lives.

__ Well seen Adelaide, and the beach walk tells of the gained, cooler calm.

Sandy said...

The first one is lovely. The second describes our past week. The third haiku is something is something I have done many times. Thanks for the bringing back the memory. Love your style!

Adelaide said...

Thank you, Magyar, for commenting and for your one line haiku. I haven't seen any bats near my place, except for one baby bat years ago. It was in the folds of a patio umbrella. You can imagine my surprise when it flew out.


Adelaide said...

We used to take beach walks, mostly at sunset along the Southern Calif. coast. A long time ago, now.

Thanks for commenting.