Monday, March 7, 2016



                                               planting fresh pansies
                                               my fingers slide across
                                               the petals
                                                     I feel the velvet softness
                                                    of your touch

Modern English Tanka,
spring 2007

                                                 the day not yet hot
                                                 we spend time talking
                                                 under the trees
                                                         one certainty in our plans
                                                         we follow the same road
Ribbons, "Tanka Cafe"
summer 2006

                                              the damp smell of earth–
                                              promises to be made
                                              and kept
                                                     many seasons still to follow
                                                     this warming spring
Tanka Calendar
Month of May, 2006


Bill said...

A very nice trio. Were these originally written to be read together?

Adelaide said...

Thanks, Bill. They were written separately, but I thought they would make a nice trio for this blog. Gland you enjoyed them.