Monday, December 9, 2013


                                    nearly winter
                                    the days pass with a quickness
                                    there is no point to ask
                                    why I didn't pay attention

                                    along the trail
                                    a thatch of moldering leaves–
                                    the smell
                                    of old wine barrels
                                    in a dank cellar

Tanka Society of America
2006 anthology
Anglo Tanka Society Journal, 1/08/2005

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Gillena Cox said...

they are both evocative, however i prefer the second one

much love..

Adelaide said...

Thanks, Gilllena.
The leaves are all down and there's snow on the ground and more expected. We may have a white Christmas.


janetld said...

The first - quite relatable!
The second - my favorite here; I can smell and see those leaves and dank wine cellar.

Cool photo.

Adelaide said...

Thanks, Janet.

My grandfather made wine from his own grapes. One corner of our spidery cellar was closed off to create a small room, his wine cellar where he kept his barrels and bottles of wine. Wet leaves always brings back those memories.