Friday, October 11, 2013


                                              THE PALACE

Long ago there was a fairy tale palace. Very grand in size.  Everywhere one looked– velvet, gold and bronze.  Mirrored walls, crystal chandeliers and thick carpets.  Stairways wide enough to hold six abreast. Sweeping in a curve, they rose up toward a domed ceiling with a glass skylight.

A princess comes down the stairs.  Regal, beautiful, bedecked in glimmering jewels, wearing her best dress and Sunday shoes. Her subjects bow.

 "Your Royal Highness," they murmur as she passes.

 "Out of my way, peasants," she says, moving past them towards the palace doors.

"Come on, come on," says a page wearing blue pants and a jacket with gold braid. He gruffly hurries the princess outside and ushers in those waiting for the next scheduled movie.

                                                  the walk home–
                                         squinting in the low sunlight
                                                she scuffs her shoes

Presence, winter 2011
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Gillena Cox said...

how sad for the princess; she should really look where she's stepping; smiles

much love...

Adelaide said...

Thanks, Gillena.

I miss those grand movie houses. Today, all we get are dark boxes.


janetld said...

Enjoyed it!

I miss the grand movie theaters too. For a brief time in my life I remember how going to the movies was a special thing.

Adelaide said...

Thanks, Janet. Yes, the movies were special, not just the grand theaters, but the films were better.