Friday, October 5, 2012


                             A CHANGE OF SEASON

The leaves on the dogwood are the first to show a change.  Just a few leaves at first, and not the entire leaf.  Only the tips as if autumn is testing out shades.  Is this red deep enough?

I'm geared for autumn–wood neatly stacked, woolens all brushed and aired.  My neighbor shares the last of his tomatoes and basil with me, still damp from the late afternoon mist.

                               boiling pasta–
                               through an open window
                               steam mixing with fog 

Stylus Poetry Journal, December 2002

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Warren said...

I love this, Adelaide - you weave such a beautiful tapestry with your words, full of feeling and depth. Again, beautiful.


Gillena Cox said...

very lovely haibun; happy autumn

much love

Adelaide said...

Thank you, Warren and Gillena.


Frank... said...

A lovely haibun, Adelaide. Nothing in nature stands still, it's constantly changing...

Adelaide said...

Thank you, Frank, for stopping by.