Saturday, March 31, 2012


                        THE WOMAN IN PINK
In a café, a woman with long bleached hair, heavy make-up, dressed in pink:  slacks, shirt, spiky sandals.  She reads aloud her horoscope.

“You will soon meet your dream man.”

Looking at her young son, she says, “Henry, you’re my dream man, aren’t you?”

Henry shrugs, frowns and walks away.
                    beading sweat
                    a teacup rattles
                    on its saucer

Gean, Sept. 2010
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Bill said...


Emma Dalloway said...

Hi Adelaide, this is wonderful - Im surprised no one has ever written 'a teacup rattles on its saucer' before in a haiku - its perfect.

Adelaide said...

Thank you Bill and Emma for stopping by and for your comments.


Frank... said...

This haiga has a dream-like quality to it, Adelaide...

Adelaide said...

Thank you, Frank, for stopping by.