Saturday, January 21, 2012



                                  MANHATTAN AFTERNOON

                                        a homeless man
                                        plowing through the crowd
                                        his life in a cart

                                        six dogs on a walk
                                        a triple round of barking
                                        at a single leaf
                                        on Fifth Avenue
                                        the skinny is tweed

                                        upper East side
                                        a doorman and pigeons
                                        come with the rent

                                        ticket machine
                                        choking on coins
                                        spits nothing back

                                                                Edna, November 2011
                                                                photo:  Joseph F. Shaw
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Frank... said...

An excellent snapshot of city life, Adelaide...

Adelaide said...

Thanks, Frank. We don't get into the Big Apple often, but it's fun now and then.


Gillena Cox said...

great sketch;

much love...

Bill said...

Nice group, adelaide. Maybe next time you're in town, you and Pat and I can get together.

Adelaide said...

Thanks Gillena and Bill.

I would like to get together someday, Bill. Probably won't get to NY until the weather gets warmer.