Sunday, January 8, 2012



                                   Haiku for Winter

                                   mid-winter cold-
                                   a lemon Popsicle
                                   in the freezer

                                   a car door-
                                   loose windows rattling
                                   in the cold wind

                                   sleety rain
                                   the cafe window
                                   steamed with laughter

Riverbed Haiku, autumn 2008
Simply Haiku, winter 2011
3 Lights Gallery, winter 2010
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Gillena Cox said...

enjoyed them all; sending Warm Thoughts

much love...

Frank... said...

A very nice set, Adelaide...

Adelaide said...

thank you, Gillena and Frank.

Bill said...

three good ones. I especially like the rattling windows

Emma Dalloway said...

Hi Adelaide - Thanks for dropping by. I KNEW you would have a beautiful snow shot!

And lovely haiku, as always - I think my favourite is the window steamed with laughter. Thats perfect.

Adelaide said...

Thank you, Bill

Emma, thank you for visiting. Actually, although it's cold we've had little snow.


Warren said...

Very wonderful set of haiku, Adelaide - you've described winter in a insightful way.


Adelaide said...

Thanks, Warren.