Sunday, June 26, 2011


Millbrook, NY

uneven path
fallen pine needles
soften each step

rock plinth
from the crevice on top
a creeping vine

jet fountain
daisies beaded
with water

a cactus flower
in cracked stone
the piercing thorns

wind across the pond
lily pads collide
along the bank

Chinese garden
the afternoon reches
into its shadows

Henry, A Hudson Valley Journal
spring 2011
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Kristin Riggs said...

Each one is wonderful...and the group works so well together! Beautiful, Adelaide! This group makes me want to visit the beautiful garden it describes. :)

Adelaide said...

It is a beautiful garden, spring, summer and fall. Unfortunately, it is closed during the winter months. I imagine it is beautiful then as well.


Bill said...

patience, perception, poetry

Adelaide said...

Thanks, Bill.


Gillena Cox said...

lovely photos and haiku; enjoyed them all

much love...