Saturday, June 4, 2011


                                                               TRAIL WALK 

Early spring.  The season just opening up along our favorite trail.  My husband has a camera and I a notebook.  Ahead of us is a young boy about 14 years old.  Headset on, totally absorbed within himself, unaware of our presence until we pass him. Within a minute he passes us, then slows down again.  Soon we are in front.  For several minutes we race for the lead until age gives way to youth.

                                                              along the trail
                                                          walking at full speed
                                                            wildflowers a blur 

World Haiku Review, Summer 2005

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Gillena Cox said...

ah, wildflowers, such a delightful presence; much love...

Warren said...

Funny how getting older slows a person down and opens his/her eyes - my eyes must now compensate for my lack of mobility, but they are keen for wildflowers and mountain streams. Love this to pieces, Adelaide!


Adelaide said...

Thank you Warren, and a belated thank you to you, Gillena.


Maya Idriss said...

feeling a blur
I am that