Friday, January 28, 2011

50th wedding anniversary


dedicated to JFS

first date-
he reaches across
to take my hand;
in an instant I know
he will hold it for life

the winter sun
through a window
warming my back;
the lazy comfort
of lunch for two

if I could turn back
I'd revise some stories
of my life,
yet, the part in which you come
would always be the same

youthful excitements
long ago put aside
for comforts of home;
my books, my music and wine
and you in my life

all these years
learning the ins and outs
of a marriage,
the last chapter not yet read,
not yet written

Red Lights, January 2011


Tinky said...

This is dear. Let's hope all our last chapters remain to be read and written......

Gillena Cox said...

Best reards; may you share many more happy years together; much love...

Adelaide said...

Thank you, Tinky and Gillena. 50 years ago I couldn't imagine this day.


Devika Jyothi said...

some lovely poems, and Happy anniversary, Adelaide :)


Adelaide said...

Thank you, Devika.


Lorena said...

How beautiful and deep. I wonder what it was in that second of hand holding you felt, that you knew it was forever- strength, wisdom, compassion?

Adelaide said...

Thank you, Lorena. I don't think I can answer your question or if any one could explain how he or she knows that it's love and will be forever.