Friday, October 22, 2010


farm stand
Jack O'lanterns and pies
waiting in line

Darkness. A soft rustling in the trees. Wood smoke carried by the wind. The scurrying chase of dried leaves.

A door slams. A shout, followed by another. Footsteps starting slowly, then moving faster. More shouts and a stream of light across the cold sidewalk. Gone in a minute. The footsteps continue, getting louder and more frenzied. Running now. Squeals and screams. Another flash of light. Pounding feet coming from all directions.

a chilly dampness
seeping into the bags and bones
of Trick or Treaters

Contemporary Haibun On-Line, October, 2005


Frank... said...

A very bice sequence, Adelaide...

Adelaide said...

Hi Frank,

I assume you mean "nice."

Thank you.


Gillena Cox said...

absolutely delightful; you are a good storyteller

much love

Adelaide said...

Thank you, Gillena. I have a large basket of candy ready for the trick or treaters.