Friday, September 3, 2010

September Haiku

hurricane forecast–
from all directions
blue sky

chrysanthemum buds
a peek of magenta
on the tips

Russian sage
bees and butterflies…
butterflies and bees


bandit said...

Oh, I'm hip to that Russian sage-
watched the insects outside the hospital in the gardens during a recent stay.

Adelaide said...

I hope you are well now. Thanks for visiting.


Kristin Riggs said...

I love all of these!!! I especially love the chrysanthemum one. Beautiful imagery.

Aslanspal said...

Excellent loved all three especially the Russian Sage and Hurrican Forecast.

A question please?

was hurrican forecast your kiga?

really new at this...making alot of mistakes with my haiku trys.

would Sirius a kiga? as in Dog Star and in Dog Days as in Indian Summer.

btw do you have any Indian Summer Haikus??

here is mine I am sure it is messed up.

Indian Summer comes
rigid leaf sails across pond
Trees blush embarrassed

Adelaide said...

Thank you Kristin. I was away which is why I didn't respond sooner.


Adelaide said...

Hi Justin, I suggest you check out for information on writing haiku as well as other informative web sites. Haiku, by the way, is the same in the singular and plural. Hurricanes occur in late summer and early fall. I have used it as a kigo. Haiku does not use personification as you have done in your haiku in Line 3. I received your e-mail. Are you Roy? or Justin?