Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Some early published haiku and a haiku sequence

riding on the waves
gone-out to sea
Modern Haiku, 1971

alone in the woods-
dusky silence
filling the spaces
Dragonfly, 1973

spattering rain
in the woods ten minutes
and still not wet
Dragonfly, 1974

Mouthe, France

chickens scratching in the road
the flying dust

at the lumber mill
only the river noises
and the wind

moss-covered church-
creeping through the open door
the warmth of May

in the graveyard
one freshly weeded patch-
the sharp lettering
Modern Haiku, 1974

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Anonymous said...

Dear Adelaide,

Congratulations on beginning your own poetry blog. White Petals is lovely. I wish you every success.

A link to White Petals has been added to the Poets Page at www.TankaCentral.com

best wishes,
Denis Garrison