Wednesday, December 2, 2020



Home from Sunday Mass where I received communion. Climbing the back stairs to our flat, the fragrance hits me. Fried onions. Dad is at the stove making the pasta sauce for dinner. He takes a meatball, flattens it and cooks it along with the onions. I slice open one of the warm rolls I bought at the bakery near church and spread on some butter. It melts into a glistening pool. Dad tops this with onions and a smashed meatball. A little salt, lots of pepper and the top half of the roll.

full of Grace–
in each bite
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Gillena Cox said...

You took my mind back to a bakery i used to stop at after Sunday church. There was always a long queue for a bread we called hot hops

Lovely haibun Adelaide


Adelaide said...

The fragrance of just baked bread filled the air and pulled people to the bakery. Cant' beat that fragrance.

Thanks for visiting.