Friday, October 23, 2020




                                                                                   two roads

                                                                                   reaching the same place

                                                                                   the choice is made


The local historical society hosts a tea in the patio of a grand estate. Seven hundred and twenty acres of land with a main house, three or four smaller houses for family members, various out-buildings, two ponds, gazebo, rose garden, hills, woods, fields stretching as far as the horizon. One family since 1700. Father to son, generation after generation of stability and commitment to a place.  I think of the homes I've had. East coast, West coast, Europe. Ten homes, averaging a move every seven or eight years.


                                                                                    trellised roses

                                                                                    an old thorn still lodged

                                                                                    in my thumb

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Gillena Cox said...

Sounds delightful tea and history, oh but that thorn in the thumb is sad
Stay safe


Adelaide said...

It was an interesting peek into the lives of the early settlers of the area.
Thanks for commenting.